Wildlife and Waffle

Dec 1, 2017

George the cuckoo (or possibly a cross between a sparrow-hawk and a pigeon!)

This week Scott Latham shared his passion for wildlife photography and conservation with some spectacular natural and creative images of British, African and Asian wildlife. By his own admission, he has a tendency to ‘waffle on’, but to be fair to Scott, it was first rate ‘waffle’ with a serious message about man’s impact on the natural world. A most enjoyable presentation with food for thought for all! We also learned a few things:

    • too many hedgehogs are squashed on Britain’s roads,
    • paradoxically, we can save hedgehogs by providing hedgehog highways and, rather disturbingly for a species with declining numbers, we learned that
    • hedgehogs are gay! (When Scott’s images have been forgotten, I will remember this fact.)

Those who could not make it to the talk, missed a real treat and I would thoroughly recommend paying Scott’s website a visit (www.wildexposures.co.uk).

Photo © Wild Exposures Ltd – reproduced with permission.
Words by Roger Matthews




Next Week


Remember folk, next week is the end of year Xmas piss up social, fun and frolics.
Jenny and Annie will be keeping us entertained, so bring along some nosh and drinkies and enjoy the evening.