Stroud at Night

by | Sep 2, 2017

Standing by myself outside the Sub Rooms watching the rain come down I thought   “Jenny my girl you are going to be the only one this week, nobody is going to be mad enough to turn out in this weather.” I was wrong one by one people came and the final number was around eleven.
We took advantage of the shiny paving slabs on the Subs forecourt and when passing cars permitted we had a go at slow shutter speeds. There was a band playing in the ballroom and even to my untrained ear they didn’t sound too bad, but the town was busy so we headed up to the Shambles and Cornhill. The last stop was to the station just in time to catch (photographically) the London and Swindon Trains. Our final destination was the Retreat in CHURCH STREET where we met an old friend (who is coming back to club), Nigel Hitchings he was having a drink with his pals. Thank you to everybody who has joined us on our Summer Club photo shoots and made it such an enjoyable experience.
Scot has asked those who went to Hawkswood and St Augustine’s Farm to let him have images to give them in return for their hospitality.
See you at Club