Skills and Confusion

by | Nov 2, 2017

The programme said:

Practical night when several of our experienced members take a table and share their skills.
You choose what you would like to learn.


The tables were:

Jenny – AV Techniques
Angela – Environmental Portraiture
Keith – 360 Photography
Cris – Lightroom
Ian – Photoshop

As I was hosting one of the tables I did not have the opportunity to walk about and listen, however I am reliably informed that the evening went well and members left the sessions with a few more tips and pointers for their knowledge cabinet.

Lectures, tutorial, YouTube, it is out there for us all to take advantage and we should never stop learning and they say that reading broadens the mind. I look at articles on many differing subjects from food to photography unfortunatey, reading too many cookbooks has broadened more than just my mind.




Back to Basics


Earlier in the week Nigel ran a Back to Basics session on camera settings, explaining to us about hyperfocal distance, crop factors, exposure compensation and depth of field. Written down like this it sound really technical and frankly a little dull, In Nigel’s hands the subject was really enjoyable, simple to understand and easy to use with our own cameras.

That being said, I‘m still bewildered by a circle of confusion or is it, confused by a circle of bewilderment?

…. I’m off to a bar to circulate.