Salon de Cheltenham

by | Jan 14, 2018

Cheltenham International Salon 2017

Thursday saw the club taken over in the most wonderful way by Martin Fry showcasing the wonderful images that the Cheltenham International Salon 2017 attracted. I had not been to one of these evenings before, and I am relatively unknowledgeable about the Salons that go on … I have been missing out.  In essence the Salons are photo competitions on steroids, there are a number of governing bodies, but FIAP seems to be the main one, and there are hundreds going on all over the world during the course of the year. 

The Cheltenham one attracts something like 700 photographers, from 70 countries, entering a total of something like 7000 images in a range of categories (Nature, Colour, Monochrome, Creative and Travel). The evening was a presentation of some of the best images in each category presented as an AV (which was assembled by Martin Fry).

It was a wondrous assault on the visual and auditory senses. Each images was presented with the photographers name and title, but with so many images they were only on screen for a few seconds each. Even at this pace we only got through a fraction of the entries to the salon, so it really was the best of the best.

There were entries from some of our own members too, Annie Blick with 3 images, Angela Rendell with 2, and Richard Atkinson too (despite being name checked 3 times)  there was one image from our R3. Jenny Bircher also had an acceptance in the Salon.  Martin Fry’s images always do well in the competition (I believe he had something like 14 images accepted through the independent judging procedure) so some of his images were there, and I also caught Brian Swinyard’s name cropping up a couple of times.  As always apologies for errors and omissions.

In a very timely fashion there were a couple of triptychs (the theme of next weeks evening), and the whole evening was a showcase for the power of AV … an excellent professional presentation.

There was some information on the process of entering the Salons and I would encourage any members who are slightly interested to have a go.  Two of them are on our doorstep Bristol (closing date 27 Jan 2018) and Cheltenham (closing date 2 April), but generally all the entries are electronic. From what I can see as a club we are already punching above our weight and I cant help feeling that we have a lot left in the tank.

Words by Keith Hart