Pictures From Pantanal

by | Oct 16, 2017




and a bit of Sun


are the words that summarise the last week for me. I had the pleasure of working in north Wales for a number of days. For any toupée wearers it would have been an interesting experience, as the said article would have either been blown off, soaked through or dried a little stiff, all in a period of a few days.

I read now, that the Met Office are forecasting a Michael Fish style non hurricane to hit our shores in the next 24 hours, so batten down those hatches and avoid hang gliding for a wee while. What this all says to me is that autumn is now well and truly here, which is a great time for us photographers, all those golds and reds on display and with the leaves falling, it is much easier to catch the odd bird or two on sticks.

Talking of Birds on sticks, professional wildlife photographer Mike Lane came to the club on Thursday, unfortunately because of my welsh trip I was not able to attend, so Chairman K has penned a few words about the evening.

A Lane in Brazil …

Hi all, another excellent evening for SCC on Thursday. One of the things that impressed me with Mike’s photos was the low noise levels, and in his warm up presentation on micro 4/3 kit for the wildlife photographer he did give away his secrets on choosing a maximum ISO. I did do this over the weekend and to my horror I found that at some point in the past I had set Auto-ISO with a very high max and so I’ve been rather noisy for too long. Something which I hope has been averted now.

Onto the main feature Mike’s amazing wildlife photos of Brazil. I did google Mike Lane and he comes up in a number of different contexts, clearly he does these talks to camera clubs, but also to wildlife clubs, and there are also links to a number of serious wildlife books that he has had pictures published in, he is clearly very well renown. One image Mike put up of a bird in flight which was superb Mike cast aside saying with modern cameras anyone can take photos like these, having spoken to many in the break I can assure you that it is far from easy to take shots like that. Mike’s presentation covered 3 trips to the Pantanal region of Brazil, as well as an unbelievable set of images, Mike had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area and was able to share his experiences and approach to taking photographs in an informative, genial and inspiring way.


Thanks to Keith for these hearty comments. I hope to see everyone on Thursday for this months Open Competition with a less noisy chairman.

Iechyd da!



The top image was taken by our previous Chairman R1, demonstrating what Autumn colours look Like.