Opening Night

by | Sep 9, 2017

I am on my summer hols exploring the unusual views of Umbria, so this weeks titbits are brought to you by Chairman Keith


Chairman’s log star-date 2017-09-07

An excellent start to the new season with a very full attendance and a couple of new faces to boot.  We also had the bright and shiny new projector and the new laptop which put in a reluctant appearance after having had a tantrum the night before and thrown it’s operating system out of the pram.  Hasty bit of repair work by Nick and we had a seamless presentation of images (whatever the annoying thing at the top of the screen was I can assure you it was not a seam).  Thanks to Nick for battling through the issues.

 We had a very impressive collection of memory sticks on the table for the evening’s topic of  ‘My English Summer’ and an equally impressive collection of images.  I had no idea that the borders of England extended so far.  Nor did I know that we had a budding lepidopterist ( amongst us.

An excellent response to the request for a social media coordinator … three people stepped up, so when Ian York is back he can hand over the keys and we can get that kick started.  In my usual hands off management style I hope you are going to form a self-managing team.

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO ASSIST IN THE ROLE OF TREASURER.  If you feel you could help the club in this you will get all the assistance and support that you need.  Please do not be backward in coming forward.  If needed I will step in and fill the gap, but that can only be a very temporary solution.

We had a straw poll of photo editing programs and it was roughly one third LightRoom, with a slightly larger third on PhotoShop, and a slightly smaller third on Elements.  I’m aware that some people didn’t vote and some people were in the PS and LR camp, but it helps us shape future events.  If you are thinking that you are part of a underrepresented minority in whatever software it is then please let us know.  If you are a PS user and have the licence that allows you to use LR too, or just want to know more about LR, then do consider coming along to the Back To Basics session on 26th … it is quite amazing what LR can do.

Please remember that the images for future competitions (closing date for the first one next week) need to fit in a 1600 wide x 1200 high box.  If giving memory stick to John E then the folder/file naming is Your Name/filename for dpi competition and Your Name/prints/filename for giving electronic copies of images in the print competition.

Entry forms for the competitions can be downloaded from the club website 
It is in the section called – Ts & Cs and Competition Docs

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Looking forward to seeing you all next week.