by | May 29, 2018

Last Week – Oldbury-on-Severn
Murky was the only way to describe the evening in Oldbury on Severn. We started at the church which is perched on the only hill for miles around. Wild flowers, leaning tomb stones and the inside of the church to explore what more could a photographer want. Next stop was the long walk down to the estuary, this was livened by horses, wild flowers and farm buildings. Near to the River was a sluice gate, this seems to create a lot of mud as the waterway was lined with thick grey mud, several small sail boats rested in sludgy banks of the creek waiting for the tide.

The first drops of rain sent most of us hurrying back to the Anchor and guess who was waiting for us Naughty Boy 1. He had misread the email and missed us when we went down to the river. A kind lady took the poor old soul the half mile down to the yacht club. We all enjoyed a social half hour and agreed that it would be an excellent place to visit when the light improved.

(Images of the evening can bee seen in the Summery Club Galleries)


This Week – Stroud Fire Station
This week are going to be entertained by Red Watch at Stroud Fire Station which is on the Farm hill road in Cainscross. You can expect hoses, water, and smoke as they demonstrate their fire fighting skills. Last year we photographed the equipment and then they were called our on a rescue mission (I believe the Hedgehog is alive and well) There is no parking at the fire station so we will all have to use Cainscross car park. Our thanks to Diddy David Hamilton for arranging this Photoshoot. Please assemble at 7:15pm at the Fire Station.

Best wishes


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