Stroud in the 21st Century

A collection of images showing how club members see Stroud District

Our town is an ever evolving landscape which constantly changes in small ways that we may not even notice.

This project is a way to capture the shifts in the seasons, and the years, as the town continues to change.

As developments go up, businesses change, fashions come and go and our celebrations/events grow, it will be a fascinating insight into Stroud and surrounding area for future generations who may be looking for photographic inspiration.


Who can say what the town will look like in 30-40 years time? Will the sub rooms still be accessible? Will we still have pop-up toilets? Will there still be the Saturday market? Will we still be a bee guardian town?

The challenge is to capture the character of the town, from the small details we take for granted to the iconic aspects that scream THIS IS STROUD! The pictures could be your take on Stroud, or they could be record shots, let us see if between us we can capture the essence of Stroud and document the changes that will take place through our own individual photographic journeys.