Image of the Year

by | Apr 21, 2017

Annie opened the evening with a moving tribute to Richard Pearse before handing the reigns over to judge Michael Krier.

The Image of the Year competition is normally a showcase for the best of the club member’s photographs and Thursday night was no exception. We saw some cracking images covering landscapes, seascapes, street scenes, portraits, flora and fauna with judge Michael providing his expert commentary resulting in the following.

I generally think that judges are like football referees, short sighted, biased and suffering from tunnel vision, and am convinced that theses attributes are honed to perfection when they  attending  Judge School.
I was therefore extremely disappointed in Michael Krier, he actually gave feedback that I agreed with and was very fair and positive in his critiques, it was such a shock to the system. I’m so glad that he is retiring as I feel it is not right that we have good judges like him on the circuit  😉

One area where my views slightly differ from Michael’s final verdict is with the following. I love great landscapes but, for me, these more mature mods on a night out just had the edge over some of the others images and is worth a second look and is a winner in my book.

Ageing Mods by Annie Blick


A quick reminder to last years winners of the IOTY and other competitions, please bring back your trophies next week as they are needed for the Presentations Evening.

Please also note that there have been some changes to the club activities over the next few weeks, so take a look at the Programme page for the updated information.