Image of the Year

by | Apr 29, 2018

What is an Image of the Year, on Thursday night if was a show of superbly taken photographs, great quality, good lighting all well presented and mounted, whereas my own personal Image of the Year is something completely different. Mine is a quick grab shot using my mobile phone whist I was dashing between meeting venues. It was taken on a grey, snowy day in February and the general quality of the shot is poor, but for me it totally sums up the stoic British attitude of last century.

It may be snowing and nearly zero degrees but we will still put out the deckchairs just in case someone is ambitious enough to venture outdoors and is also willing to pay for the pleasure of sitting down. In the few minutes I was there I did not spot anyone being ambitious, just me and my mobile phone.

They always say that should try and learn something new every day and during those few minutes I did discover one important thing. These new fancy touch screen phones are great and look cool, but on a very cold day, when it is starting to snow, I realised very quickly, that it is almost impossible to take a shot with your gloves on, and even more challenging when said gloves are in fact mittens.


I was not able to attend on Thursday but a member who did was Roger Matthews. Below are his experiences of the evening and his take on the IOTY competition.







The Image of the Year competition should be the visual highlight of the season and this year’s images did not disappoint. A cornucopia of visual treats that at first glance all deserved high praise. Of the 105 images, 11 scored top marks – the very best of the best!

Congratulations to all of the category winners and the other close runners-up on the evening. With images like these, the Club is well placed to build on this year’s success in next year’s inter-club competitions.

As photographers we all see our own images in a particularly favourable light as the images reflect our own vision of what constitutes a great photo; however, it is only when we submit our images to completion for critical examination by an experienced independent judge that we see shortcomings we may have overlooked giving us the opportunity to improve as photographers.

It was, therefore, a privilege to welcome the very experienced eye of Martin Fry to cast his forensic eyes over our best work on Thursday. Although no detail was too small to go unnoticed, Martin had that rare gift of providing consistent informative and constructive feedback that was of value to all levels of expertise within the Club. Faced with images representing numerous genres of the art, picking winning images can be like comparing oranges and bananas- it will always be subjective, but quality will always standout, even in a fruit salad! Take a look at the images in the IOTY gallery and see which ones inspire and excite you most, then see if you can do even better next year.


All the images for this years competition can been seen HERE. Take a look and enjoy a season of photography.