Hoe Hoe Hoe

by | Jan 27, 2018

The sharp eyed amounts you may have noticed that I have been absent from club nights this year. I have been based in Plymouth the last few weeks and may be so for a quite a few more. I am currently staying about 200m from the Hoe, which I am reliably informed is a cracking place to see and one of the best places to be in the City. I say informed, as my own experiences have been rather curtailed by nearly 4 weeks on precipitation, or as I like to call it – constantly piss**ng down with rain. It’s the type of weather that required an umbrella 24 X 7, unfortunately with battering winds, umbrellas are as useful as chocolate teapots…

The above images is all I have been able to capture so far, a quick grab-shot with my iPhone during a lull in the weather.

Our Publicity Secretary R3 or as he is known in some places Richard Atkinson, has kindly stepped in to provide some word to keep you all informed about last Thursdays club competition.

“Apparently Martin Cooper hates themed competitions.  This is a bit of a shame as our competition last light was themed “Wet.” However, Martin manned up, swallowed his disgust and got on with the job of judging our entries in his usual fair and constructive manner as various types of “wet” were paraded in front of his eyes.  He was pretty strict too as “wet” had to be something that wouldn’t normally be wet in its natural state.  So, beautiful landscapes with lakes or rivers were given short shrift – “they’re always going to be wet, even if it’s not wet” but a lovely landscape in the rain with a chap with a brolly in the middle distance was definitely bang on Martin’s target.  Wet dogs, wet children and wet cars were all OK too, as were people getting soaked in a downpour.  Not inherently wet you see, that was the key.

However, wet or not, it was a great evening and we were entertained by a great selection of prints and DPIs.  Roll on the next competition!  Talking of which, don’t forget to bring in your entries next Thursday 1st Feb for our 5th open competition on 15th February.”


The above montage show this months winning images.
All the entries and results can be viewed on the COMPETITIONS Pages.