Chris Sane

I have been a member of the Stroud Camera Club for the last two years and being  the only camera club I’ve joined, I was unsure of what to expect and even what I hoped to get out of my membership. I’d been a happy snapper for many years, enjoying film photography and processing and printing black and white film, and I now love the ability to instantly review images that digital photography brings. I am also a Lightroom advocate as, unlike Photoshop, its development processes most resembles the darkroom of old. So what have I gained from Stroud Camera Club? Well, apart from the social aspect (Christmas party, end of season get together and Thursday night club nights), I really enjoy club competitions. I give more thought to what I like in an image, which in essence is a visual impact that evokes emotion in the viewer and tells a story or asks a question. I’ve also developed my own photographic skills through tips and advice from a range of speakers, from fellow club members and observation of their images – and even from competition judges!

Andy Harbin

Despite being a committee member of Stroud Camera Club, I really am not interested in cameras or in talking about them; I have one, it works, and that’s it. It is all about the image for me, regardless of how it was achieved. I chose Stroud Camera Club amongst others because it is a very social club and has a very active programme, even out of season during the summer months. I am also interested in advancing and challenging my own photography and whilst these changes need to come from me, the club (through its programme and events) provides the inspiration I need.

Paul Martin

My photographic journey started three seasons ago, when I joined Stroud Camera Club in September 2012. Photography for me, up until then, rather lacked a sense of purpose and direction. The club provides a central meeting point, where like-minded individuals come together, to share their experiences and knowledge with one another. Joining the club has given me a determination and passion, to succeed in developing the skills required for producing a good image. I would recommend to anybody starting out, or who is generally interested in photography, to join and support a great local club.


Having spent most of my working life in a darkroom, I now enjoy pushing the boundaries of digital image making. I very much enjoy looking at fellow members work at Stroud Camera Club, their photography can be inspiring and motivating. I love creativity, art and photography in all forms and believe that taking good photos is a path of progress in the ever changing and challenging world of photography.