Digital Rising

by | Jun 18, 2017

A christening, a wedding and Fathers Day, a busy weekend for me and now I have to write a few words for the blog, so here goes.
Early evening and the mercury stuff in the temperature monitoring device in the hall is reading 28 degrees celsius, in old money that’s blooming hot. The nice man on the telly said it would be even warmer in the week so look out for a “phew what a scorcher” headline and someone saying it’s warming in Stroud than it is in Sydney (which should be true as it’s winter in Australia and night time). Headline aside we are in for a spell of cracking weather, so a good opportunity to take a few snaps images.
Taking a few images is exactly what we did on Thursday evening. Ruskin Mill was the destination and a new destination it was for me and what a cracking destination. Ponds, rivers, plants, building and lots of water features, plenty to catch a photographers eye.
Snaps from the evening at Ruskin Mill can be seen in the Summer Club 2017 Galleries
I used the word mercury earlier for effect as actually my thermometer is attached to my central heating and like most of our cameras these days is of the digital persuasion. Just like our cameras  the digital thermometer  makes things a little easier, but still give the same result as its predecessor.
Top Image by Annie Blick