by | Aug 26, 2017

Over the hill (not me) to Cheltenham for out penultimate Summer Club evening. The light was already fading as we gathered outside Cav House. We all went our separate ways on the Promenade. I headed up to the Caryatids statues that grace the fronts of the exclusive shops and wine bars in Montpelier,

I must have advised Whispering John to go in that direction as well because as we sat supping a welcome drink in the Wetherspoons pub at the end of the evening, poor John was still looking for us at the other end of the Prom (sorry John). The low light gave us all a chance to get to grips with our cameras, those with tripods must have got some good shots of moving people and traffic, unfortunately I grabbed a cucumber instead of my mono pod as I got out of my car and had to up the ISO very often as the light faded. Naughty Boy one has now got to grips with the settings on his camera and got some good shots of night time Cheltenham.