Bigging It Up

by | Nov 25, 2017

The challenge is to capture the character of the town, from the small details we take for granted to the iconic aspects that scream THIS IS STROUD! The pictures could be your take on Stroud, or they could be record shots, let us see if between us we can capture the essence of Stroud and document the changes that will take place through our own individual photographic journeys.




My Stroud


I find it interesting how people approach what is on the face of it a simple challenge. Some kept things very local with views from their garden whilst others ventured further afield around the district. The plan is to update the gallery every year and see how things change over time, a members record of documenting the passing of  time and the development / redevelopment of our part of the Cotswold.

All the images can been seen in a  gallery called “My Stroud” take a look and see if it is also your Stroud.